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The Front for Organised gaming is a UK based gaming website which has been through several incarnations at different points of its life.

Existing for several years as little more than a wrapper for now-defunct forums, FOGOnline found itself rendered largely redundant by the growth of social media sites and languished while the owners searched for a new purpose.

That purpose has finally been found. Welcome to the NEW Front for Organised Gaming, with its expanded borders. We now serve more than tabletop.

FOGOnline.com serves as the nerve centre and heart of the new Front for Organised Gaming, a collection of articles, videos and resources for both tabletop and video gamers.

What do we mean by ‘tabletop gamers’?

A tabletop game, in this context, is any game which is NOT played on a computer or games console.

It could be a role-playing game, wargame, card game, boardgame - whatever. We don’t care. If you’re playing a game that uses ‘traditional’ components, especially if it also involves playing with real people who are actually in the same room as you, then you are welcome here.

What’s with these photos?

Nothing at all. They were taken and edited by one of the site’s two co-owners [Druttercup] and one of them has me [Fishy] in it. I also happen to think they look pretty good.

The rest of the site is all gaming, I’m sure you can forgive us this one little indulgence.