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Hope - Issue 0

Time Code : 0.1

Police Reveal Identity Of Flood Barrier Body.

Metropolitan Police last night announced that the body found caught up on the Thames Flood barrier last week was that of Otto Goldman of Camberwell. Goldman, 38, had several convictions for burglary and was believed to be connected to the infamous criminal Standfast Mob. Police have not yet revealed the cause of death but have appealed for anyone with any information about how Goldman met his end to come forward. <there is an anonymous police hotline number printed with this article>

Paris Bombing Linked To FAH.

French police have announced a possible connection between last month's terrorist bombing in Paris and the radical political group FAH. FAH, or Freedom for Advanced Humans, hold that powered individuals are the next step in human evolution and have been campaigning for an "Advanced Human Homeland" since 2008. A spokesman for FAH has denied that they are moving from political agitation to direct action, saying "if the perpetrators of this atrocity were or are sympathetic to our cause then they were acting without encouragement from FAH and we do not condone any acts of violence". Phillip Mackay of ESRA, the government's Emergency Situation Response Agency, said "We have several so called 'Advanced Humans' working at ESRA, many of whom gave aid in the aftermath of last month's attack, and they, like me, heartily condemn the use of violence to achieve a political aim. This bombing is the act of violent extremists and does not reflect the attitudes and activities of most powered individuals".

3rd Millenium - Issue 0

Time Code : 0.2

Mystery Super Foils Bank Heist

The Bishopsgate Ward of the City of London was today witness to an event unlike anything seen in the last decade. The well established private banking firm of Bannington Metropolitan, founded in the late 19th century by Edward Heritage Bannington and still run by the Bannington family to this day, was the victim of a co-ordinated raid by heavily armed individuals. The raid was foiled when one of the customers demonstrated enhanced abilities and was able to lock the gang's leader and one other member in the bank's vault. At this time it is unknown whether the vigilante heroine's presence in the bank was simply a coincidence since she fled the scene before the police arrived. Two individuals are in custody, according to Superindentent Harry Lyttelton of the City Police's Economic Crimes Directorate, but no further information is forthcoming at this time.

Cane Denounces FAH

US President Elect Desmond Cane has spoken out against the FAH in light of last month's Paris bombing, promising even tighter control over the rights and activities of powered individuals when he enters the White House. "These people," Cane said, "are a threat to our way of life; to our liberties; to our very existence." During his successful election campaign, Mr Cane proposed "monitoring and containment" of powered persons, suggesting that neighbourhoods or entire towns be given over to powered only populations. Mr Cane's critics have accused him of wishing to introduce a form of genetic apartheid, while others have queried the practicality and affordability of his proposed solutions.

UK4H Leader Meets President Elect

Frank Nelson, leader of the extremist political group United Kingdom 4 Humanity met this week with US President Elect Desmond Cane at Mister Cane's New York offices. Nelson joined Mister Cane last month at a rally following the alleged FAH bombing in Paris; both men have been outspoken in their condemnation of pro-FAH campaigners and Mister Nelson has made numerous demands to Her Majesty's Government, as yet unmet,in regards to increased security measures addressing what he describes as "the greatest threat to British Sovereignty, and indeed to humanity itself, ever to arise." Gerard Cornwell, a spokesman for Freedom for Advanced Humans, said upon hearing of the meeting "this is a dark day for humanity, when two such individuals can be given positions of trust and authority. I fear for the world my children will grow up in."