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Welcome to Fosforos, a world of adventure steeped in the lore of Fantasy fiction and gaming. Fosforos is a community built world project, home to not one but three campaign settings which are all playable independently of each other but still linked into a single cohesive world providing everything that a D&D™ campaign needs. Any Fosforos publication, be it a wiki entry, PDF source book, adventure or a Fan Website article, will be designated as either Canon or Speculative.

Canon material will never be dated later than GR1252 (the campaign date of all Canon Fosforos material and the end of official Fosforon History) and is considered accurate and immutable. While a DM may ignore or alter details in their own game, future publications will assume that the material presented in Canon source books is true.

Speculative material is, in some way, a break from the normal creation methodology. It may detail events occurring later than GR1252, or it may answer questions officially left enigmatic, but whatever it is this material is not Canon. Future works will ignore this material unless it is a specific sequel (also Speculative material). Any third party material not approved by the Fosforos head-honchos will also be considered Speculative, although such material may be re-classified later. We will be choosey as to what third party material is accepted as Canon since, while Speculative material may later be declared Canon, Canon material will never be contradicted and will always remain Canon.

As part of the Fosforos experience you will be presented with new rules material in addition to setting detail and this will often be covered by the Open Gaming License from Wizards of the Coast.

In point of fact the license is rather unpopular at but it has been decided that using it will save complications when drawing on existing OGL material.

This wiki section contains an overview of the world of Fosforos as a whole. While not yet sufficient to run a campaign, the information herein acts as the backdrop for that still to come. Wherever you choose to play, or even if you just “borrow” a few ideas for your own game world or to be fitted to an existing setting, we hope you enjoy your stay on Fosforos.

The Fosforon Calendar is based on thirteen months of 28 days each.

New Year on Fosforos falls on the Summer Solstice and is a part of no month. Every four years it has an extra day (2 days instead of 1).

The Autumn Equinox is on 9th/04, the Winter Solstice on 14th/07 and the Spring Equinox on 14th/10.

The months, in order and listed by region, are...

In Vered: New Year (SS); Highsun; | Harvestide; Reaping; Waning (AE); Treebane; | Freezing; Nightmoon (WS); Deadtide; | Thawing; Newgrowth (SE); Planting; | Bloodtide; Yearsend.

In Gohal: New Year (SS); Zeurakal; Apollakal; Arteklis; Hephaestakal (AE); Dionykal; Atheklis; Heraklis (WS); Arekal; Hadekal; Hecaklis (SE); Demeklis; Aphrodiklis; Hestiklis.

Fosforos has a single moon with a 24 day period.