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The Hobbygamers International group (AKA HInt) is a group of gamers primarily based around the FOGOnline Discord but with some degree of inclusion and spread.

HInt started out as HinT (Hobbygamers In Thanet), an alternative to an existing organised play group in the founders' local area (Thanet, Kent, SE England). Built from the core of an existing group, HinT organised weekly role-playing sessions and, at times,drop-in free-play sessions where CCGs and miniature games were played. Over the years the membership and game-line-up of HinT changed several times and the group has been a part of the recent board game renaissance in additional to branching out in to streaming RPGs on Twitch, using both Fishy's and Drutt's channels.


More recently, a move was made to expand HinT with a sister-organisation: HInt or HInt+ - Hobbygamers International - which allowed for the inclusion of new friends met mainly on Twitch. HInt has since become the primary focus of activity, although there may come a time when HinT experiences a renaissance. At the same time that HInt was formed, the focus on tabletop games was lessened in favour of a more inclusive definition of "gamer". Tabletop and digital card, board, role-playing, war, adventure and simulation games are HInt's main business but any type of game play is considered and any type of gamer is welcome.

HInt+ "Events"...